from the picture vault

I was poking around today looking through my old Steelcase file cabinet and ran across this. 25 years ago or so, I had the ambition to be an engraver (wood & steel). Perhaps a foolhardy goal for sure, but a lot of fun it was.

Here is an engraving done for a photographer named ‘Fowler’. The engraving was cut in end grain boxwood and is cut into a block 2″x3.25″. The image I’m posting is a ‘proof’ print much magnified and the surrounding wood is left on the block to make it easier to print on the Vandercook No.1 (letterpress printing press)

Through the years I produced thousands of linoleum, wood, copper and steel cuts and engravings.

The printing press and tools have been retired now for ten years.

They say one gets wiser with age…