John W Tomac

Guide for the Surviving Spouse

John Tomac

Risk Management Magazine
Eye of the Beholder

John Tomac

The Wall Street Journal
Cover Art -Review Column
Travel and Globalization Taking A Hit

Stan Fellows

The Boston Globe
“Notes from an Apocalypse: A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back”  
By Mark O’Connells

Nick Lu

Real Woman Magazine
Ending Toxic Relationships

John W Tomac

New York University Alumni Magazine
Online Hate and Offline Violence

John Tomac

Salt Water Sportsman Magazine
Bringing Back The Blues

Laura Liedo

El Notario S.XXI Magazine-Spain
The law will help alleviate the dysfunction that
COVID- 19 is causing.

Mitch Blunt

Mitch Blunt Illustration



Jack Molloy

The Boston Globe
Book Review – Coffeeland