Molly Jacques

Molly Jacques

I’m a typographical artist with a strong emphasis on calligraphy and hand lettering. My calligraphy and lettering aren’t limited to one outlet as I’ve worked on a wide array of projects including typeface design, editorial hand lettering, illustration, and wedding calligraphy. My work is greatly inspired by traditional lettering and calligraphy techniques paired with modern, innovative design and illustration. I’m best known for a limited color palette but my signature style is distinctive even in bold coloring. I’ve the pleasure of working with a variety of clients ranging from large to small and enjoy every minute of it!

I currently live and work in Detroit, Michigan alongside my husband, daughter & two pups. When I’m not working, I enjoy backpacking, road trips, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with my favorite pugĀ Fievel.

Travel assignments receive top consideration.

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