Kotryna Zukauskaite

Kotryna Zukauskaite

I studied product design at Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. I have a BA in illustration. Studied at University of Hertfordshire (UK), British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow and Kingston University (UK). I live in Vilnius, Lithuania. My work is conceptual with a graphic flair. I render vector forms filled in with scanned hand-made patterns and textures to yield a hybrid of collage and digital precision. I specialize in editorial, popular science, academic, corporate publishing, graphic design & advertising illustration.

I come from a family with both parents and an older sister all working in different fields of sciences. My head is full of random scientific and historic facts that are not connected in any logical order but it helps to start a conversation. I’m also a coffee addict, who loves a good read and listens to a TED conference while working.

Advertising Age
McKinsey Quarterly
Scientific American
Smithsonian Magazine
Johns Hopkins
Harvard Law Bulletin
New Scientist
MIT Technology

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Personal Piece

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