Jack Molloy

Jack Molloy

Jack Molloy began his illustration career in 1975 after attending Laton School of Art and Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Jack’s Studio is a warehouse filled with all the interests and distractions that have occupied his mind throughout the many years. There are wooden boxes of old maps, stacks of history books, bins of ephemera and doo-dads along with various arcane machines and production equipment. Mr. Molloy sits in a dim corner of the cavernous space at an antique wooden office desk, cobbling together Trompe-l’oeil styled maps and authentic looking document type pieces of art for clients such as The Boston Globe, Smithsonian, Forbes, and many others. He spent numerous years as a wood engraver and block print artist and calls on those old disciplines to accomplish his current artistic diversion.

Molloy has received merits in How, Print, Communication Arts, NY Art Directors Club, American Illustration, AIGA and also has been a featured artist in Communication Arts.

Federal Reserve
Harvard Business Reiew
The Boston Globe
The New York Times
The New Yorker
United Airlines
Washington Post

New York Times : Best Barbecue Stops

Portrait of Wake Forest University, President Nathan Hatch

MAPS : Smithsonian

Wildflower Issue : Texas Highways Magazine Special Edition

Chocolate Label : The Hersey's Company

Spice Map : Culinary Concepts

The Meeting House : Richard Kirshenbaum, Ad Exec

Hikes in the Nation's Parks : Wall Street Journal

Journey to Australia : Hyatt Hotels

Trinidad : Audubon Society

David Carter Design : Area map for dwelling developments

South American : Hyatt Hotels

Greece : Hyatt Hotels

Lincoln Penny : Julie Shore Design - Sundance Catalog

The Old City of Kabul : National Geographic

Travel Journal Map : Paceco

Illinois Map : Meredith
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