Laura Liedo



I’ m an Illustrator.
I love to color in my graphic tablet and experiment digitally or with paper shavings looking for surprises in the image.
I fancy jazz music, spaces movies, advocates, and dance crazily.
In my free time I enjoy reading books about fascinating human psyche.
Graduated with a degree in Advertising and a Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at the School of Art EINA in Barcelona.
I have received awards in illustration; Gold Students category in Creative Club National and Winner Advertising category in Junceda Awards 2016.
I feel grateful to share a studio with fantastic creative people next to a sunny square in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.

  • J. Walther Thompson
  • El Malpensante Magazine
  • Girls on Wheels magazine
  • Le Cool Magazine
  • El Culturista Magazine
  • Entre Ambos
  • Studioburo
  • CBA Design



Burdens of the Past

Ways to jump start a conversation

Red ball


The heat of the defeat


Women trying to archive retirement security

Cover for Malpensante magazine

Red ball 01

Girls: Girls on Wheels magazine



Musical space: Studioburo

Underground: Le Cool magazine


Thinking of one thing, saying another


Why is it so hard for us to relax on vacation?
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